Product Design / UX

Product Design / UX

Rapid development of a customer-focused vehicle service portal for automotive repair shops

Rapid development of a customer-focused vehicle service portal for automotive repair shops

Rapid development of a customer-focused vehicle service portal for automotive repair shops


Project background

KUKUI, a longstanding CRM, website, and digital marketing provider for automotive repair shops faced increasing competition and responded with new product ideas to add to their offerings. The product team tapped me to design their new vehicle service portal, My Garage, which enables end users to easily access their upcoming appointments, service history, and current and declined service recommendations. Pivotal in KUKUI's evolution, this product is the first customer-facing tool integrated with their CRM and sets the stage for future enhancements like appointment scheduling.

High-level goals

  • Allow KUKUI’s auto repair shop customers (car owners) a single place to see all their upcoming appointments, service history as well as current and declined service recommendations for all their vehicles
  • Begin to get end users comfortable with the practice of logging in to My Garage to see this kind of appointment and service history information as a way to train them for further interactions via this login when we build those out
  • Make it easy to see all the information for multiple vehicles (as many households get all their cars serviced at a single auto repair shop)

My role

I was responsible for the design of the product - UX and UI. The product manager provided the spec, which left a lot of decisions for me to make in the design process. I designed and tested the product and handed off to the dev team.

  • Collaborated with product manager on spec and build details
  • UX design and testing
  • UI design. This product will be implemented on most of KUKUI's customer websites, and as skinning it to match the individual website was out of scope for this effort, I took a very universal approach to fonts and colors so that it could easily be folded into every client’s website design.

Research methodology

  • Competitive analysis of other products like this on the market

Launched: December 2023




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